Beyond the game, Wilt Chamberlain’s legacy lives on in the charitable spirit he stood for, the scholarships he made possible, and in you. The Wilt Chamberlain Memorial Fund invites you to carry on his legacy—and start your own.



20,000 points. 4 MVP Awards. 2 World championships. But more impressive than the numbers was the man behind them. Wilt Chamberlain didn’t just change the game, he changed the lives of those around him. Through his Memorial Fund, his legacy lives on today.


Each year, the Wilt Chamberlain Memorial Fund awards scholarships to students attending two or four-year institutions. To realize their dreams. Think you have what it takes to win one of our scholarships?


Meet the students who have taken their education to the next level with help from the Wilt Chamberlain Memorial Fund.


Wilt Chamberlain Memorial Fund Celebrates 4th Annual FAFSA Challenge Kickoff
Wilt Chamberlain Memorial Fund Celebrates Class of 2019 Scholars
2018 Wilt Chamberlain Memorial Fund Scholars Receive Special On-Court Honor
2019 Wilt Chamberlain Memorial Fund Application Now Open




#SixersSalute Sergeant Brianna Clarke!

Sgt. Clarke has six years of service as a member of the @USMC and is tonight’s @Toyota Military Salute of the Game!

Reply on Twitter 1290456387303223306国外进口梯子那个牌子的质量最好呢?_百度知道:2021-10-15 · 梯具 来 2113 讲,国内国外差距不大,都是 5261 中国制造 的,目前中国国 4102 内的梯 具质 量基本上 1653 和国外一致,没有很大的差距,比如珠海恒邦的梯子,从设计到加工都是选用组好的材料。 最先进的安全理念,他们的梯具和国外产品比没有 ...Like on Twitter 1290456387303223306Twitter 国外梯子app

Mask Up Fam #MaskUpMonday

@UkeeWashington | #Summer76

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.@sixers and @ChickfilA teamed up today to provide lunches to the youth of Sixers Youth Foundation partner @laligadelbarrio!

Each Monday in August, lunches will be provided to local youth as part of #SummerofGiving.

梯子坑总结 - 云+社区 - 腾讯云:2021-1-10 · 最终检测国内国外都 能用,在 XShell 中按照上面步骤进行新建打开即可看到连接成功的截图界面。 Vultr 是按照计时方式进行扣费的,在当前使用时长不足一小时的情况下会按照一小时进行扣费。Retweet on Twitter 12903712616470077552梯子网 - 好看123:1 天前 · 6.梯子网TheLadders国外 网站大全你好网 点击前往 网站介绍:梯子网成立于2021年7月,是一家总部位于美国纽约的招聘网站。传统的招聘类网站只收取招聘企业的资费,但梯子网不但收取招聘企业的资费,而且还向在此网站发布简历求职 ...27Twitter 国外梯子app
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Get ready for tonight’s game with some @jr_76ers Activity Pages

Tag us in your finished product so we can share‼️

Access and Download

@fivebelow #Summer76

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76ers Community Conversations, presented by @PECOconnect

🗓️: Tuesday, August 4
🕛: 12 Noon
📱: @SIXERSSTRONG Instagram

#NBAVoices | #Summer76

用 VPS 自己搭个梯子 | Kerita:2021-3-15 · 所以要自己搭梯子,首先要买一个 VPS,一个不被墙的VPS。在对比了各个 VPS 并尝试了 linode、Vultr、搬瓦工 三个之后,我选择了搬瓦工。linode 需要用信用卡,暂时没办信用卡所以不行。Retweet on Twitter 1290316661170614273Like on Twitter 12903166611706142734Twitter 1290316661170614273

It's #MaskUpMonday!

Share a photo with us of you sporting your mask and use #MaskUpMonday for a chance to win a @sixers mask, presented by @novacare.

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As part of the Threes For Trees initiative, @PECOconnect will donate $7.76 to local environmentally-focused organizations for every three-point field goal made by the @sixers this season.

Following last night's game, PECO's total donation has grown to $5,827.76!

谈谈为什么我不用搬瓦工 VPS要用国外VPS Hostwinds - 知乎:2021-6-18 · 搬瓦工 之前在国内很火,很多朋友在用,我之前劝解某些朋友不要用搬瓦工,因为搬瓦工基本是瞄准国内用户的不合规定需求,这种VPS谈不上稳定,很容易被屏蔽。如果你想正规的使用搬瓦工,就很容易被大量不正规的用户…Retweet on Twitter 12899381532985262091国外玩国服是不是一定要用梯子呢? NGA玩家社区:2021-6-14 · 国外玩国服是不是一定要用梯子呢? 求问一下,我很久以前国服有个号退坑了 然后最近想再玩,练了一个国际服的号 但是国内有朋友想一起玩,就下了一个国服,选区的时候就会卡退,然后说在维护或者网络不稳定 是不是一定要用梯子呀?6Twitter 1289938153298526209

Tonight's @sixers @Toyota Military Salute of the Game is Col. Walter Nall, a 33-year veteran of the @NationalGuard.

Col. Nall has been the recipient of the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star and more.

#Summer76 | #SixersSalute

Reply on Twitter 1289715432551636993Retweet on Twitter 1289715432551636993关于 vps 和 shadowsocks 梯子 | JimmyXu的小站:2021-2-20 · 近几年国内互联网“整风运动”愈演愈烈,各种翻墙服务都相继倒下,走丢的国外网站和服务也一个接一个,好在公司可以随意访问 Google,而回到家里,就没法用了,因此,为了科学上网,迫切需要有新的梯子,去看看外面的世界。8Twitter 1289715432551636993

When you wake up and it’s @sixers gameday! #Summer76

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Congratulations to all of the @PHLschools FAFSA Challenge Winners!

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Brian and Myles Peterson, a father-son duo from Philadelphia's William M. Meredith School, will take part in the Round of 32 of this year's @NBAMathHoops Virtual National Tournament today.

To watch their last thrilling win ➡️: http://t.co/1d2zhS3udl

@sixers | @Learn_Fresh

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Happy Birthday, @MarialShayok! 🎂

根据自己的翻||墙经历顺带给大家推荐几款我用过还不错的梯子 ...:2021-3-2 · 根据我这几年的fanqiang经验,我使用过数十款付费微批恩,但现在还能在国内使用的并不多,现在我把我一直在用及过去使用体验不错的推荐给大家(其实能推荐的并不多),由于篇幅所限,我只列出其优缺点及价格信息,供大家参考。Retweet on Twitter 128737385617761076057Like on Twitter 1287373856177610760884Twitter 1287373856177610760
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Happy Birthday, @FurkanKorkmaz! 🎂

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Who’s ready for Jr. 76ers Virtual Camp⁉️

Still time to sign up ✍️

Registration link ➡️ http://t.co/GxdXgcRzZA


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A little afternoon read for the kids!

@jr_76ers Story Time with yours truly presented by @fivebelow.
Read by @sixers In-Arena Host, Archie!


中国电信国际出口是否存在网速问题? - 知乎:2021-8-13 · 题主是爬梯子大户,应该是从13年末开始,手上美国各地vps都开始网速变慢。 受不了,开始转亚洲vps。然后14年亚洲又开始沦陷了,晚上仅仅算是能用的水平,这事在各大码农社区基本达成共识,但大家一直没发现电信方面的回应。Retweet on Twitter 12856717949014876164Like on Twitter 12856717949014876166Twitter 1285671794901487616
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Happy Birthday, @AlecBurks10! 🎉

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We are going Virtual‼️ 💻

Jr. 76ers Virtual Camp presented by @RothmanOrtho will tip off Monday, July 27th and is FREE for all children ages 7-14.

First 500 participants to register will receive a reversible jersey and basketball!

Sign up ➡️http://t.co/GxdXgcRzZA

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Sending best birthday wishes to @BenSimmons25!

Reply on Twitter 1285192829699006464Retweet on Twitter 1285192829699006464使用墙外梯子软件的朋友要保重呀!-wap黑基网-分享网上 ...:2021-1-7 · 目前网络规定,国内用户不能访问国外网站,这个已经是板上钉钉的网络“闭关锁国”了,想必大多数人都已经有所耳目。 不过大家都以为只要不买卖此类加速上网的软件或者不私自搭建并出售给他人就不会有事,其实你错了。 只要你用了这类的软件,都有可能会被行政处罚!9Twitter 1285192829699006464